Importance of URL Structure in SEO Google Ranking (A Tip for New Bloggers)

Have you ever heard that even importance of url structure in seo plays a vital role in Google Search Rankings? Lets discuss in detail below

What does importance of url structure in Seo For ?

Full form of URL is -Uniform Resource Locator

URL if contains keywords, Google crawlers will easily understand the purpose of the article and will index them. Not only this, good URL structure is important for both the Visitor and Search Engines

On the contrary, a improper URL will give a bad signal to the bots and if they will feel it like fishy or can lead to bad user experience, they might keep it lower in ranking.

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It is not only about the content or website speed. Even you have the best hosting with good speed, proper content with images and Onpage SEO etc in place, still your site will find it difficult to rank if URL structure is not correct and consistent.

For every SEO expert, URL structure is the focus item.

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If you are unaware about how to create a proper URL for every post, here are some valuable tips for you
importance of url structure in seo
  1. Keep it short
  2. URL must be easy to understand
  3. Must include focus Keyword
  4. Ensure No or Minimum Redirects
  5. Consistency
  6. Sitemap

1. Keep It short

As per the analysis by Backlinko, Short URLs are being easy to remember and hence, almost every top 10 page will have short URL. It is a fact that Long URLs looks spammy.

Therefore, we suggest you to keep your URLs short and easy to read.

2. URL must be easy to Understand

Secondly, ensure your URL should be easy to understand. Every new blogger makes this mistake as your will find their URLs like this

Isn’t it messy? both the user and search engine will find difficult will have trouble understanding what the page is about. Not only this but having a clear URL structure allows for people to use it as anchor text and know exactly what your page is going to contain. Lets say, if one of your pages where you are referring visitors with URL like this:

you can find more information here″

Still difficult, right?

But, URL like this are cool enough to understand

You can find more information here”

With just a URL, your visitors will understand everything about the topic atleast. This will create their interest to open up the page.

3. Must Include Focus Keyword

As per SEO policy by Yoast or even Rankmath, they suggest you to add your focus keyword in SEO. Experts of recommends that if you have created a content about SEO Offpage, then a URL should be something like this: ‘ Offpage.

Hope it is clear that what contents are going to be found on the page.

4. Ensure No or Minimum Redirects

Your visitors are intended to visit your website, not someone else’s. But, still we see many blogs where temporary or permanent redirects are marked which leads to slow speed and confusion too.

As per team, Redirects are necessary when you need to move things around and don’t want to lose any of your ranking power but these need to be permanent redirects. Unless you are going to be using the old URL again then you shouldn’t be creating temporary ones.

Another mistake people make is creating a redirect on a page that is already a redirect itself which causes unnecessary loops. When Google sees this they will notice that they are being passed around from page to page and start to question the reliability of it. Try and keep your linking structure as simple as possible.

5. Consistency

This is no brainer that whatever policy you adopt in terms of URL structure, ensure there are same URLs all across. This will be easier for search engines to understand each and every page in one flow.

You can choose whatever structure you want, just keep it short and consistent in entire blog.

Lets take a example here, If you are not using year and dates in URL, make sure they are not present in any of the format. If you chose Alphabets, in no case, you should use numeric on others.

5. Sitemap

Always add URLs in Sitemap and submit it. If you are using plugins like Yoast or Rankmath, they will automatically add and update in search console.

But many bloggers also prefer a manual sitemap, in that case you need to update it manually. Once the URL is created, automatically make a habit to update it in sitemap and get it indexed properly.


How important is URL structure for SEO

SEO Importance is URL Structure always short URL seo friendly ranking your post URL Structure is single google to rank particular post

What is the best URL structure for SEO?

Best URL structure for SEO

1. Remove Extra word and Numbers In URL Structure
2. Always Use Relevent Keywords in URL
3. Don’t Use Numbers URL It’s effect ranking
4. Single Domain and Subdomain
5. Easy Readable Keyword use URL
6. Match URLs Title

Why URL structure is important?

The importance Of URL Structure in SEO Google Ranking Effect

What is an SEO URL?

SEO friendly URLs single users minds and Google robots Crowl your post to easy and boos your post

Key Learnings

URL structure is very important for your rankings. Keep it short and easier to understand. Don’t forget to add Keywords in URL. Also, avoid numberings, always use alphabets. Ensure you have consistent method of URL in all your blogs. Finally, once the article is published, make sure it is submitted through sitemap and is indexed properly.


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