15 Tips About SiteGround Reseller Hosting Review From Industry Experts

Siteground Reseller Hosting Review is a preferred and popular web Hosting service for a very long time. Siteground Started In Sofia, Bulgaria As a local web

Siteground Hosting service. Now it is a well-known and established name in the hosting Industry.

The company is most famous for its various web hosting packages. The quality services provided by it

SiteGround Reseller Hosting Review

instead adds stars to its name. The most popular hosting by them is Reseller Web Hosting.
In The Coming post, we are going to give you complete info about it.

SiteGround Reseller Hosting Reviews 2020

in Simple words, the reseller hosting is a web hosting service using which an account owner can use the

Same hosting to host any other person or third party. Once you own the package, you can sell it to any fixed number of persons at your chosen price, adding profit for you.

SiteGround Reseller Hosting Plans 2020

Reseller Hosting plans are bit different from usual methods as it is an entirely different concept.
Here comes the idea of credits in Siteground reseller hosting. For this, you should need some
loans. The site ground provides a minimum of 5 credits to a maximum of 20 credits.

Credit concept is as one credit will cover one year of hosting for only one account, whereas by 20 credits, you get

A package of 20 years, or if one wants to run 20 reports at once, then it is for one year. The credit is

Beneficial if you are buying high credits at once you will get it for a lower price.
With these plans, the siteground is providing their customer with free setup, and their team will take care of

That. One additional thing is that bought credits will not expire. They are for a lifetime and can be renewed at any time. There Is no difference in hosting features by credit.

Although anybody can take the reseller hosting plan of the site ground. But if the requirements considered,

Then these services are well-suited web developers/designers. Mainly it is used by the startup web

Hosting companies. It is a boon for them. They are also best for managing multiple websites of entrepreneurs.

This is also good for some techy guys as all the operations get managed by the siteground itself.

Applications Suited With Siteground Reseller Web Hosting

Although site ground is compatible with everything, it is highly optimized for content management

systems like drupal, WordPress, Magento and joomla.along with this site ground provides one additional

feature as super cacher developed by them. It is a site speed boosting plugin provided at level 1 for free.

Features and Services Of SiteGround Reseller Hosting Review

Some of the key highlights of this hosting are as follows-

Super Fast Speed

Surely as a brand siteground provides its customers with super fast speed with stability, .it also has

advanced tools to perform the same for its customers.

Simple and Easy Management

Siteground has made its services very simple with an elegant and user-friendly interface. The
hosting is also easily manageable.

White Label Options

Under this feature, the siteground provides its customers with non branded Cpanel and private DNS for free to be sold by them to the third party.

Advanced Security

All the servers, user accounts applications, and software is under high security of siteground
with inhouse security and firewall of their own. The system on siteground is also anti hackable.

Industry Standard Uptime

The Record of siteground for this is well known as they are a leader in uptime record
consistently, .so there is no chance of website going down anyway.

Reseller Support

They have a 24/7 reseller support system for their customers.


They Have an auto backup system by which they can recover the last 30 days data quickly if something goes wrong.

Free Setup and Management

They provide all the necessary hardware and software to customers already set up.
And any issue with that is managed by the siteground itself.

Some Of the main features are as follows

Unlimited Data Transfer

Siteground provides unlimited data transfer to grow websites rapidly.

10 GB Web Space

It provides 10 GB of SSD storage, which is as stable to handle 10000 unique visitors daily.

Free Email Accounts

It also gives a free email account per domain name, making the website look professional.

Free Cpanel and Softaculuous

This is the most exciting feature as by using this, the customer will able to install any cms on
site quickly.

Free SSL and CDN

They provide this service completely free with Cloudflare.

Multiple server locations

Siteground provides with an option to choose the data center from their four centers on 3
continents. So one Can select the data center closer to them.

Power and Hardware Redundancy

Siteground has multiple power sources to avoid sites going down.

Spam Prevention

To protect its customers from spams, the siteground has collaborated with the Spamexperts well known in their field.

Unique Account isolation

Siteground can isolate its customer’s accounts from one another using this technology.

Load speed on the site ground is very high tested by me many times.
Finally, I am going to recommend you all to use siteground based on these features and


Which reseller hosting is best ?

I Onec Agein i tell You Best Reseller Hosting
1. Bluehost :- This Is Best High scority services
2. SiteGround :- Best Affordable Reseller hosting
3. Resellerclub :- This is hosting company provide best cheap price Hosting
4. Hostgator :- Best Reseller Hosting Services

Is SiteGround a good hosting company ?

We”be Found Best a good Hosting Company and I read mostly Hosting company reviews I analysis the best and good Hosting company is Siteground and Affordable Price Plans !

Is SiteGround better than GoDaddy

Yes. SiteGround Hosting Plans And Services Better Then Compare To GoDaddy is bed Services I not recommend GoDaddy Hosting Siteground is good Hosting company 10x Fastest Hosting.

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